Why do we keep getting raped in college?

There are a lot of reasons why the vast majority of rapes in college are committed by the students themselves.

But there’s one common denominator: they are often the most inexperienced students in the room. 

We have seen these things happen in many of our schools before, but they’ve never happened at a time when so many students are so vulnerable. 

In the aftermath of a sexual assault, the victim’s emotional state and their capacity to cope are likely to be the most difficult to recover from. 

While it may not be obvious from the media attention, the majority of sexual assaults are committed during a “pre-med” phase of college life. 

What is a pre-med phase?

When someone who has not graduated from college enters a “med school” setting, they are essentially placed in the role of an adult student who is currently enrolled at the institution of higher learning.

They are expected to participate in the college environment and develop interpersonal skills, learn how to work with others, and learn to interact with people on a deeper level. 

However, as soon as the person enters the “med” environment, it is important to recognize that their actions are a reflection of their lack of maturity.

They may be unable to handle the emotional challenges that come with the college experience, or they may be prone to committing more heinous acts. 

For many students, the college campus is a new experience and many have a feeling that they have not fully adjusted to the world that they live in.

In addition, many college students are not familiar with how to deal with situations outside of their immediate environment.

In a premed setting, the students have a better understanding of their emotional and physical responses to the situations in which they live, and can take advantage of those responses to protect themselves. 

As such, a pre med student may not understand the implications of an unwanted kiss, the threat of being sexually assaulted, or the potential consequences of inappropriate touching. 

Premed students may also be susceptible to social anxiety and fear because of the way that they are perceived by others. 

These are all reasons why a student who has entered the premed environment may be more likely to commit a sexual attack than someone who is not. 

It is also important to note that the majority of sexual assaults occur at schools with high levels of “safety.”

When a school has a high number of sexual assault incidents and students feel that the school does not have the safety to respond to them, they will feel a need to get involved in their own personal safety, and may feel that they must make decisions for themselves about how to handle their own sexual safety. 

A study from the University of North Carolina found that the more students who experienced sexual assault on campus, the more likely they were to commit suicide.

The reason that most colleges are not addressing sexual assault is because they fear that they will be blamed for the behavior of others.

When sexual assault victims feel that other students are to blame for their own assault, they become less likely to report the crime.

When students who are sexually assaulted are told that it was the victim who had sex with them, and not the other person, it may create a culture in which the victim feels that she cannot go to the police for help.

These factors, along with the lack of social support, can contribute to a culture of silence. 

The fact that many colleges are failing to address the issue of sexual violence does not mean that sexual assault will not occur.

However, a culture that tolerates and condones sexual assault may not provide victims with the information, support, and resources they need to come forward with the help they need. 

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, more than 50% of college students experience some form of sexual harassment, which is a significant problem in American universities. 

This statistic is troubling and shows that colleges need to take action and address the problems that have been identified. 

Additionally, a recent report from the National Coalition for Men found that sexual violence is a common problem in many college settings, with a rate of one in three women and one in four men reporting some form or another of sexual abuse at some point in their college lives. 

More information on sexual assault can be found on the Rape Kit’s website at: www.therapekit.com.

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