Why do students in Delhi sleep in dormitories and not in classrooms?

In the country’s capital, students at government schools and public schools sleep in their classrooms, but they don’t sleep in classrooms as much as the average Indian does.

The main reason is the fact that students in these schools are often students of the same family, said Manisha Srivastava, a senior policy adviser at the Centre for Policy Research.

Students in these areas, where many students attend private colleges and universities, are likely to have relatives living in the country.

So they are more likely to be exposed to exposure to disease, such as respiratory illnesses, Srivadav said.

The students, Sivakumar said, have to live in the dormitory because the government requires it for its social welfare programs.

They also have to pay for all the expenses of living in dormitory.

The government, however, doesn’t require schools to put beds in the classrooms, Sravastava said.

Students don’t even get to pick out their own beds.

If there’s a problem, they just move in.

Students living in their dormitory have to share the same room with their parents, she said.