Why a Filipino college student is turning into a viral sensation: the story of the dormitory dorm

The dormitory at the Bicol University of Science and Technology in the Philippines was once a place for dorm students to get their nails done, but now, the campus has become a center for viral phenomenon.

It has become the epicenter of the viral craze for the “dormitory dorm” phenomenon.

The dorm is the first dorm to be turned into a social media phenomenon.

Here’s what happened in the dorm.

The story The dorm was built by Bicol faculty member, Maria G. Mascara and her husband.

The building was originally intended to house the faculty of biology, chemistry and physical sciences.

But when Mascaras husband, the late Dr. Eduardo P. Mocan, died, the building was left vacant for more than a year.

When it finally opened, it was a beautiful room filled with bookshelves, stacks of books and the smell of the library books.

But it soon became clear that the library was not what it was intended to be.

The Mocans had purchased the building from a private developer, and the building itself was a dilapidated, unused building.

Miscaras family later purchased the property and the dorm, which has been converted into a residence.

MISCARAS FAMILY BUYED BUILDING The Mascars purchased the 2-story dormitory in 2015.

It was a large space that had a kitchenette, but the dining room was completely unused, and it was hard to find the right furniture.

After a bit of work, the Mocas bought the building and moved in.

“It was quite easy to do,” says Mascarias son, Ezequiel.

“We didn’t really know how to live in it.”

MISCARA FAMILY CHANGED LOBBY The Maccaras opened the door to the dorm and saw how the building had become a hub of activity.

“When I first saw the dorm we thought, ‘What are they doing here?'” says Ezeqiel.

They began a Facebook page, a social network for students in the Maccara School of Education, called “The Dormitory.”

Ezeque started the page because he was looking for a place to live, and he felt like the dorm was not the right place for him.

“I didn’t think I would be able to afford it,” says EZEQUEL.

But after a few months, the school decided to make a donation to the Mascarcas family, which included $10,000 in tuition and $1,000 to buy a new bed.

“There were some other families that were trying to raise money to make room for us, but it was very hard to get any traction,” Ezeques parents say.

EzeQue was not able to find a place in his dorm, and so he turned to social media to try to get attention.

The Facebook page was a success, garnering over 1,000 likes and 10,000 shares within three days.

“This was a very small place,” EZEQUE says.

But EzeQues parents knew they needed to get the word out.

“They didn’t give out a single room,” EZeques says.

“The first thing they did was buy a lot of furniture and put it up in the hall.

They made some noise, and I noticed that the room was getting louder.”

Ezequer was worried that his classmates would not like him sharing the dorm with other students.

“But after about two weeks, it went to the top of the list for most popular dorm room,” says Kati, the mother of EzeQues two daughters.

Kati’s husband was a professor at the school, and they had been friends since they were children.

The parents decided to go to a local bar for a drink.

But they soon discovered that Eze Que was not there.

EZE QUES FAMILY MADE A CATCH “I was really worried that he would not be able go to class, because of his age,” says María Mascarinas, the family’s lawyer.

But she says that her son was very cooperative.

The family kept the page alive until they received a letter from a school official saying that they had “violated” the law by sharing a room with students without permission. “

Eze Que didn’t have to be a great person to be loved,” she says.

The family kept the page alive until they received a letter from a school official saying that they had “violated” the law by sharing a room with students without permission.

“Then the school officials contacted us,” María says.


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