What’s the best dormitory?

With the number of people living in Australia’s new dormitory growing rapidly, some are finding it difficult to find a suitable place to live.

But with the number and cost of places in the market growing, some Australians are finding the new dorms are a great deal cheaper than they might have been.

The new dorm housing at a Sydney university is a dormitory.

Photo: ABC News This week, a new school in Melbourne announced it was selling its two campuses to a Chinese university for $1.6 million, about $400,000 cheaper than it would have cost to buy them separately.

The news was met with outrage from some students who said the university was a rip-off of the old dorms.

“They’ve ripped off students from their parents, they’ve ripped the students off of their families, they have ripped off our schools and they have taken away the right to live in our schools,” said Sophie MacLean, who is studying at the university.

“The university should have to pay for this.”

The university had been selling its campuses as a result of the construction of a $50 million student housing development near Sydney’s CBD, but students are now worried it is too expensive to live there.

“I think that the students will feel betrayed,” said MacLean.

“We know that our government doesn’t really fund universities and we feel that they’re not going to be able to fund a university like this.”

She said she was also worried that the university would not pay for its own renovation costs.

“What we’re seeing is a massive rip-offs,” she said.

“The students feel betrayed and they feel that we’re being ripped off.”

One of the new schools that has been sold off to Chinese universities has been a new campus in Melbourne.

Photo:”There’s a big difference between a student and a property investor, they’re a bit of different things.”

The new campus is being sold off as part of a multi-million dollar construction project, called the “New Melbourne campus”.

The new school is being built at the intersection of Sydney’s famous Kings Cross and the inner-west suburbs, which are both in close proximity to the city.

It has been in the works for almost a decade, and has been approved by the state government in the hope of creating more housing options for students and students from other states.

But the new university is now being sold as part, of a massive redevelopment that will see the entire site redeveloped into apartments and a hotel.

“There’s some major issues that we’ve been facing in this area, including affordability, access to education and other issues,” said Victoria University of Technology’s chief executive, Dr David Wilson.

“These are very significant issues that require urgent attention.”

Mr Wilson said the company was committed to making sure that students and locals got a good experience at the new campus, and said they would be doing everything possible to get the students and residents of the area as well as the university and local government to the same level of quality.

“This is not an ideal situation, we have been working very closely with the university on this,” he said.

“It’s a huge development, but it’s also an opportunity for the students to enjoy a good education and a really good lifestyle.”

If they are looking to live somewhere close to where they’re from, we would encourage them to live close to the university.

“But some students are not so sure about the future of the school.”

Some of us are very disappointed in this development, I don’t think we should be living in dormitories,” said one student.”

For me it’s been really frustrating, it’s a really hard decision.

“You can’t just move somewhere where you’re the next kid over, and you can’t be happy with it.”

Dr Wilson said while the university could use the funds to pay down debt, he did not think the students were being ripped-off.

“That’s not the case,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“Our students are being put on a pedestal and that’s not what we are about.”


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