What you need to know about the hottest college dorms in America

The latest list of the hottest dorms for rent has come out, and it’s a pretty sweet deal.

According to Rent-A-Rental.com, the top ten most popular student housing in America, for instance, are:The four schools that made it onto the list are the University of Wisconsin-Madison (3rd), Columbia University (5th), the University at Albany (6th) and the University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (7th).

It also lists some of the top 10 hottest residential campuses in America:A new study from Rent-a-Rent.com found that more than a third of college students live in student housing (37 percent), and the number of student housing units in the United States has grown by 8 percent in the past five years.

According the study, the number is expected to continue growing in the coming years, but that will depend on whether student housing markets develop as rapidly as in the rest of the country.

The study also notes that the market for student housing is dominated by large, high-end institutions that typically have high occupancy rates.

Rent-a,Rent is the leading student rental company in the country, with a fleet of more than 1,000 student-owned and operated properties across the country and in more than 40 countries.

Its student housing portfolio includes nearly 3,000 rental properties and over 50,000 apartments.

The company has over 40 offices across the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S., and has over 10,000 employees.

It also has a presence in a number of other countries.

According to Rent.com’s data, the average apartment rents in the U-20s range from $1,900 to $2,400 per month.

Rent-As-You-Go (RZOG), a nationwide student housing service that was launched in 2005, has more than 10,400 student-operated rental properties in more, and the company estimates that it has over 25,000 residential properties in its portfolio.

RZOG also offers the ability to rent multiple units in each campus.