University student loses her bunk for being a ‘racist’

A young woman has lost her bunk after her roommate, a university student, accused her of being a “racist”.

The unnamed woman said that the night before she and her roommate shared a bed in a student dormitory in Koramangalah in Brisbane’s inner west.

The pair were sleeping in a shared room when a white male in a long, flowing robe entered the room, she told The Courier-Mail.

The man allegedly took the woman’s phone and demanded that she turn off the lights.

The woman refused and he allegedly threw the phone at her.

The roommate then woke up to find the man and the woman unconscious on the floor of their shared room.

The victim’s roommate, who was wearing a red hooded top and red jeans, then took her to hospital, where she was diagnosed with a ruptured liver.

“We’re still not sure what’s going on, but it was really traumatic,” the victim told The Australian.

“I was so angry because I felt like I was not a good enough person to go to a white person’s place.”

The victim said she had recently been involved in a “violent dispute” with a group of white people.

She said she told the white men that she was not welcome in the group, but that they would have to listen to her.

“I had to be told I could not go out with any white people because I am a black person and I am very different from them,” she said.

“But the group of men I was with told me that I am not a ‘real’ black person.

The incident sparked outrage in the city, with hundreds of people taking to social media to condemn the woman.

“Racism is the opposite of being racist, and you’re clearly being racist in the way you treat a white girl. “

How is this not racism?” wrote one.

“Racism is the opposite of being racist, and you’re clearly being racist in the way you treat a white girl.

She’s black, white, he’s a white man, but she can’t get a seat,” wrote another.

On the same day the victim spoke out, she was also reportedly kicked out from the school where she attended.

This story has been updated to include a statement from the university.


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