The American dormitory is not the only place in Mexico where you can stay in the future

Dormitory owners say they can’t wait to open their doors to their visitors again, even as Mexico struggles with a deadly opioid crisis and the rise of an international drug cartel.

The dormitory’s owner, who declined to give his name because he has been evicted from the site, said the city of Querétaro is now offering them a new lease to stay until 2019.

The property, which is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-bathrooms and a kitchen-only complex, is the only one of its kind in Mexico.

Dormitorio segundo mansos is an old hotel, with rooms dating to the 1920s.

The building is one of four in the city.

The owner said he had no idea he had been evaded until he received a letter from Queretaro informing him of a $5,000 deposit to pay off a loan.

The owner said the hotel is about three blocks from a large intersection.

Queretario is located in the southern border state of Tamaulipas and is located on the same stretch of road as the Mexican border with Guatemala and the United States.

The Quereta Hotel, a three bedroom, three bath, two bath complex with a two-story basement and a two storey guest house, was demolished in 2013 to make way for a luxury condo complex.

It was not immediately clear how much money the owners have put aside to pay back the loan.

Mexico’s National Institute of Social Security said the country is losing about $1.2 billion annually from people seeking shelter in its shelters, and more than half of all migrants arriving in the country are fleeing poverty and crime.

“The country has lost more than 1.2 million people in the past 20 years and it has not had a real solution,” said Isabel Lopez de Leon, the head of the Institute for Social Security and Homelessness in Mexico City.

The Quereteres modernos are a collection of buildings that include a gymnasium, a basketball court and a library.

The main building is a former public housing project in the heart of the city, and the other buildings are in residential areas and the dormitories.

The owners said the apartments were designed to be shared, and they have been trying to find other rental sites.

“It is very difficult,” the owner said.

“We are in a very difficult situation, but we are working on it.

We are working.”