Students protest outside the Lazarski University dormitory

Students from the University of Georgia have staged a protest outside Lazarski University to demand the university fix its handling of sexual assault cases, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The students, led by a student group called the “Zigzagging Students,” held up placards saying the school has failed students, the AJC reported.

They also held up a banner that said “No More Zags,” a reference to an infamous incident in which two students were arrested for the sexual assault of a male student in a dormitory, which the school failed to respond to in time, the paper said.

The school responded to the incident, in which a female student was sexually assaulted in a room by two male students, but the university failed to provide the woman with medical attention, the students said in a statement.

The AJC added that the protest also featured a sign reading, “Zags for Zags.”

The sign was a reference, as well, to the school’s handling of the case of another female student who was assaulted in the same room by a man in the fall of 2015.

Georgia law prohibits the use of the word “Zag,” or “Zog,” in the presence of a female person.

The university, however, says it does not have the power to force people to change their behavior.