Student group fights over the black campus dormitory

Student groups in the United States are being told to pack up and move away from dormitory buildings built to house the black community after the Trump administration imposed a policy to bar people from such places.

Students at the University of California, San Diego and the University at Buffalo in New York are now being told that the “black campus” dormitries are not permitted.

They can not be built in the future and cannot be occupied by anyone other than students, according to the San Diego student group.

The Buffalo group has been trying to find alternative accommodations, such as an alternative campus in a different city.

The university also announced it will require students to leave campus buildings if they have a disability.

“Our students should not be forced to leave campuses,” the university said in a statement on Friday.

“We have a policy that prohibits dormitors from housing any individuals with disabilities.

The University of San Diego is a sanctuary campus and it does not allow dormitor housing to be used as a venue for discrimination.”

The decision was welcomed by a number of groups.

“The move was overdue and is long overdue,” said Maya Angelou, a senior at UC San Diego.

“If there is going to be a place for black students, then the whole country should be able to.”

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Black Students Alliance of Southern California called the university’s action “shameful”.

“The university has put the wellbeing of its students at risk by creating a dangerous and discriminatory policy that threatens the lives and well-being of black students,” it said.

“While we have a lot of support from the UC administration and student groups, we cannot be quiet when the University is making this decision.”

In its statement on Thursday, the university also said it had not yet seen the written order but was taking a look.

The university has said it would respond to the group’s concerns.

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