Ringer, a new dormitory for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings

It’s no secret the Sacramento Kings are in need of a new place to stay.

After years of neglect, the franchise is looking to move into a new building, and one that has already received a major upgrade.

With that in mind, the NBA announced a $250 million renovation project that will be completed in 2017.

“We’re making an investment to create a new, high-quality, and luxurious NBA facility that is not only an iconic piece of Sacramento, but a model for the rest of the NBA,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in a statement.

The arena has been undergoing renovations for the past two years, with the construction beginning in the fall of 2016.

This year’s renovation is set to continue throughout the 2018-19 season.

The Kings are currently slated to have about 10,000 fans inside their arena during home games, with additional rooms for corporate functions.

The project will also include a new gym and indoor court.

The new arena will feature an outdoor court that will feature a retractable roof, a custom-designed concourse and new seating.

It will also feature an expansive new practice court and new practice area, with a capacity for about 20,000 people.

The renovation is expected to be completed this fall.