‘I don’t know how we’re going to survive’: A host dormitory worker’s fears about the future of her dormitory

The host dormitories of the Instituto de Asesor de la Universidad de Valencia (IUV) in northern Portugal are the only ones in the country that are open to students and families.

But the host dormresses at the university are being threatened by a lack of funds and a lack, it seems, of leadership.

I don, as I said before, feel that the university is the place to be, and that the situation is bad.

The institution, which is a non-profit, is trying to manage its finances, but it is in need of more resources.

The institution is trying, but we don’t have any.

We are not able to meet our basic needs.

This is the situation that I had heard about the previous years.

The Instituto da Asesores, the university’s parent body, has said that it needs more than 300 million euros ($330 million) to maintain its services.

It also has a shortage of room and board, which it is struggling to provide.

The host dormitors at IUV, in the northern city of Algarve, in northeastern Portugal, are being targeted by a shortage in the funds that are needed to maintain the facilities.

The IUV’s vice-president, Anna Cristina, told The Jerusalem Mail that it had a shortage for room and boards, which would be distributed in the next few days.

The students have already been told that the host facilities would be closed until the end of March.

Cristina said that the students who have already received their room and boarding cards are being offered alternative accommodation, which will also not be able to be made available to the host.

She said that, in a few days, the University will announce the date of the opening of the dormitory.

The lack of funding for the host accommodations has been the main source of anxiety for the students.

“We’re not getting anything, we have no money,” said 19-year-old Nino Pinto da Silva.

“The university is not going to give us any room.

We need to leave and start a new life somewhere else.

There is no money for this.

I have no hope that I can survive here.”

When asked why the students are not being given their room, Pinto said, “We want to move out of here.”

The lack, he said, is not just because of the lack of money.

“It’s because the university hasn’t made enough money.

The university has a budget of more than 700 million euros, but they are not making enough money for the dormitory,” he said.

Pinto, who works as a cook, said that he has been unable to keep the students supplied with food.

He added that they were afraid to stay in the dorms.

He said that his friend was a cook at a restaurant that had been closed for several weeks.

“I was worried about his health,” he explained.

Pino said that since the summer months, the host institutions have been struggling to keep up with demand.

“Since the winter, there is no food at all, and we’re eating on the streets.

We’re scared to go out.

This has affected the host families, and I have to worry about them.

There are too many guests, and not enough places for them.””

We have no food, no money, no room, we are hungry,” said the host at a host dorm in the city of Campos.

“What are we supposed to do?

We don’t even have a toilet.

What will happen to us if we’re forced to leave the dorm?

How can we afford to live here?”

The lack in funding for host dorms is a big concern for the student population.

“In the last few months, there have been more than 50 calls to the social services department from the host students,” said Rui Pedro dos Santos, a student at the host college, Algarva, in Portugal’s northeast.

The students are demanding that they be allowed to stay at the institutions.

“For the first time, we can stay at our dorms, and the conditions are better than before,” said Nuno Fernandes, another student at Algarvalas host college.

“This is why we’re coming to the universities.

We want to leave, and be with our friends.”

A group of students who visited the host university in Algarvas told the Mail that the lack in funds had been one of the biggest problems they had faced.

“I feel as if I’m in a foreign country,” said one of them, who did not want to give his name.

“There are not enough rooms for us.

We don´t have enough money, and there are so many students.

We feel like we’re in

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