How to stay safe in a dormitory

The number of college dorm rooms has dropped in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to sleep in one.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to check out these top tips to keep your dorm room safe.


Make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest dorm room safety information and warnings.

The College Life Protection Plan is a federal law that allows dorms to limit the number of students, faculty and staff who are allowed to enter each room.

In the past, there were no limits, and many colleges implemented these rules without any warnings.

Now, most colleges require students and faculty to register, provide identification and pay a $15 fee.

The new rule is also designed to prevent the spread of virus-laden dorm rooms.

The rule, which went into effect in January, requires colleges to provide information to dorms about new virus-resistant viruses, such as MRSA.

That information will include the CDC’s latest information about the pandemic, the number and type of students who have tested positive and the likelihood of their cases being spread.


Know the rules around your dorm rooms and dorms in general.

It is always wise to stay aware of the dorm room rules.

There are rules that you should follow if you’re staying in a room that you know has the potential to spread the virus.

These rules are generally similar to those that apply to your home or apartment.

For example, some colleges require residents to wear a mask in dorm rooms, while others don’t.

If you don’t want to wear masks, you can get a mask at your dorm or a nearby dorm.

Other dorms require students to remove their masks.

If that is not possible, students can use masks provided by other students or other designated groups, such a dorm staff member, faculty or staff member.

If students are not wearing masks, dorm staff members can remove them for students who are not using masks.

You should always ask dorms and staff members what the rules are about wearing masks in dorms.


Know where to go for help.

If a student needs to be taken to the hospital, the first place you should go is the emergency room.

That is where a doctor can prescribe medication to treat a patient’s illness, which is also a medical necessity.

If it is determined that a patient needs treatment, the student can go to the emergency department.

The emergency room is often called a room with a bed and a stretcher.

You can also call 911 or the nearest police station.

If your dorm is in a high-risk area, you should ask if you can stay at your room, but don’t leave until the nurse or medical officer at the emergency facility has given you the OK. 4.

Know how to deal with the germs.

The germs are spread through your dorms, so always wash your hands.

You don’t have to wipe your face, but if you are feeling ill, wipe your hands and eyes.

If possible, keep the dorm area clear and away from people.

Don’t let anyone into your dorm, especially if you have an infectious disease.

If someone brings you food, bring it back.

The same rule applies if someone comes to your room.


Know if there are contagious diseases on campus.

Infectious diseases, like SARS, flu and others, can spread through dorms if they get into the food supply.

If food gets into a dorm, it is usually handled quickly.

However, some students may get sick from a food-borne illness that is spread through the dorm.

If the food is spread in a hall, there are measures that you can take to limit it.

If there are multiple people who are eating food, students who do not have a contagious disease should be allowed to eat together.

This is a precaution, but students who don’t are usually allowed to stay together.

If people who do have contagious diseases come to your dorm and have a fever, the gerMS test is also available.

If they have a virus, they can be tested to see if they have the virus and how it is spread.

If an infectious illness is reported, you will get a report to your college’s dean of students office and your college will investigate.

The dean will then take steps to protect you.


Be alert to the spread.

You are not alone.

You may have heard about the virus in your dorm.

You might have seen a poster or flyer about the spread or heard about a dorm room lockdown.

Some dorms have strict rules about what they allow and when they allow it.

Other colleges are more lenient and allow dorms that are not in a very high risk area.

This may mean that you will be able to stay if you feel well and are willing to be isolated.

For a more comprehensive list of dorm rules, check out the College Life Protect Plan.


Stay hydrated.

Make your bedsheets wet and change your clothes as often as

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