How to get a free night at a tourist dormitories

Goa: The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GDTCC) is offering free nights to all visitors to its dormitory at Juego De dormitoria in Goa.

The organisation is working to improve the lives of people living in the state and has decided to open the programme to people from around the country.

Visitors can stay in the Juegos dormitaries at a cost of Rs 6,000 per night for a maximum of three people.

It is available only in the area.

“There are many hotels in the State but this one is a good choice because of its proximity to the sea,” said Jules Lefkowitz, the chairman of the Juesgo De Tourism Development Corp. “There are so many other destinations in Goan, such as Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, but this place is close to our home.

People who are interested in exploring Goa can stay here.”

The first group of students was welcomed by Jules, who had visited India last year.

“We were shocked by the quality of the hotel.

We are now spending more time here and we are happy,” he said.