Goa tourist hotel to host students of Singapore university

Goa’s newest tourist hotel, called the S.G.B. Guesthouse, will soon open its doors for its first semester of operations.

Dubbed the “Chinese dormitory in Koramangaala,” the dormitory will feature a Chinese kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and an outdoor area.

Students from the university of Singapore, a private institution in Goa, will be able to study in the dormitories.

The dormitory, which is expected to be completed in October, will house about 1,500 students, with the facility to host between 150 and 200 people per night.

“It will be the first time in the country that the Chinese dormitory is offering hospitality to a foreign student,” said S. G.B.’s Chief Operating Officer, Aruna Gupta.

The students will be enrolled in the new dormitory under a scholarship scheme, which S. B. Bhati, vice-chancellor and director of the Chinese University of Goa (CUGA), has announced for the students.

Students are eligible for the scholarship scheme through the university, and can apply for scholarships for the first two years of their stay.

“We will soon be setting up a separate scholarship for the Chinese students in the SUGA,” Gupta said.

Students who have been accepted into the scholarship can use the money for their own expenses or apply for a loan from the Goa Economic Development Corporation.SUGA is the first Chinese institution to open a student accommodation in India.

The government-run institution, which has a population of around 11,000 students, has a long history of providing services to Chinese students living in Goan universities.

The first dormitory opened in 2014, with about 300 Chinese students staying in it, Gupta said in an interview with Quartz.

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