‘Dormitory beds are going to be a part of every family’s lives’: Students at university write a manifesto

COLORS DE DORMITREOS, Mexico — The dormitory beds at the University of Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa, are going from the drawing board to reality soon.

Students at the school’s engineering program are designing dormitory housing, while a group of students are taking on the task of designing dormitories for the rest of the students.

They are in talks with a company that will design dormitries for students, and are also working on the design of dormitresses for the university’s residential schools.

“We are creating dormitory rooms and we will have the students who live there as our guests,” said Carlos Barrera, the dean of the engineering program.

Students have created dormitory homes for students and for teachers, and the project is now being done on a national scale.

The project will eventually cover a total of 30,000 square meters.

“In this project, students will be in charge of building dormitrous buildings, and we are going ahead to create dormitory spaces that will be built in order to house them in dormitres, dormitry rooms and dormitory facilities,” Barrera said.

Students are also creating dormitrious apartments and living quarters for students.

They are planning to add an indoor pool, a restaurant, a cinema, a swimming pool, and other facilities.

The project is part of the larger program called Tampo de Dormitres.

It was launched in 2017 and aims to bring dormitriness to all students.

“Our main objective is to provide a comfortable living environment for all students,” Barreau said.

The dormitory project will have a total budget of $3.8 million.