China’s dormitories can’t be left to private corporations, says University of Toronto

Students in China’s private universities and colleges will soon be able to stay in their dormitys and have their room rented out by companies owned by them.

The move comes in response to the Chinese government’s decision to introduce a new law on the ownership and leasing of dormities, which will be the first step in the gradual process of establishing an official government-owned dormitory system.

According to a new policy published by the Ministry of Education and Science, all public and private dormitaries in China must have at least one private guest room.

“Private dormitries are an essential part of our society.

In order to protect our rights, and to make our society better, we must protect them,” the policy says.

The dormitory will be controlled by the National Bureau of Long-Term Care Management, which is set up under the State Council to promote the interests of private and public property owners.

But, the policy notes, the rules are still subject to change.

One of the first steps will be to set up a committee to study and decide on how to regulate the ownership of dormitory units and dormitie spaces.

At present, there are two types of dorm rooms: public and a private unit.

The public dormitory is rented to students at a fixed monthly fee of RMB 200 ($1.20).

The private dormitory unit is rented for a fixed fee of 200 yuan ($3.50) per month, according to a ministry spokesman.

“In the future, the government will introduce a uniform policy for all dormitied students in the country,” the spokesman said.

Students who don’t have a room, like those in the public dormitry, will be allowed to live in their rooms without needing to pay a fee.

Private dormitory rooms can also be rented out at a lower rate.

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