Boston University Dormitory to offer ‘smart dorm’ service, online learning for students

BUCHAREST, Romania — A new dormitory for university students in Boston University’s Boston campus will offer an online learning platform and online education options.

Students will be able to study in dorm rooms in their own living spaces, or rent out dorm rooms to other students, via a platform called Smart Dorm, which will allow them to use a smartphone to connect to other members of the dormitory to learn and collaborate on projects.

The platform is being developed by Harvard-affiliated Harvard Business School-affiliated Boston University, and will be the first dorm in the United States to offer an educational platform.

“We want to offer our students the best learning experience possible,” said Michael L. Ochs, the chief operating officer and founder of Smart Drom.

“This is something that we believe will be a positive and transformative experience for students and faculty.”

We have seen students in other countries around the world embrace the idea of a smart dorm and it’s really a natural progression for us to take a step towards this vision for students in the U.S.,” he said.

It’s part of the University’s broader effort to connect with students from around the globe via its Boston campus.

In 2017, the University created a new social media platform for students to connect, share and collaborate online, and also launched a new, more integrated social media application called Smart Commons.

Smart Dorm is currently in beta, and is expected to launch in the fall.

It will allow students to share their projects, and students will be responsible for editing, publishing and sharing the content.

Teachers will also be able share the content, and the dorm’s new platform will be built on the Harvard University’s collaborative platform, Harvard Businesses.