An earthquake in the Philippines leaves 4 dead and thousands homeless

In the Philippines, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake has hit a densely populated city with a high concentration of homes.

The death toll from the temblor is expected to rise, and at least 1,500 are homeless in the capital, Manila, according to a statement from the city’s emergency management agency.

Many of the casualties are residents who have lost their homes and others who were forced to move into temporary shelters.

Locals have reported that the quake was felt in the city of Satara, where people have also reported feeling the tembling of houses.

The quake was centered around the city, which sits on the island of Samar, in the South China Sea, and is about 200km (125 miles) north of the Philippine capital, the US Geological Survey said. 

The Philippines was hit by the deadliest earthquake since the 2010 Mers virus pandemic, killing at least 17,000 people and injuring more than 4,000, the Philippine Observatory for Natural Disaster Prevention said on its website.

The city of Manila, which was hit on Thursday, is not part of the country’s disaster zone and is located in a mountainous area.

The country’s government is investigating the quake, the Philippines Institute of Disaster Risk Reduction (PIDR) said in a statement. 

Local media have reported the death toll of those killed and the estimated damage to the country, with more than 1,100 people reportedly trapped in a tent city. 

In a separate report, the National Disaster Risk Management Agency (NDRRA) said the quake damaged more than 8,000 homes and killed at least 3,200. 

It was the largest natural disaster to hit the country since the Mers outbreak, which started in the Philippine city of Cebu in 2013. 

“The magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit in the region of Samar in Mindanao at 11:42pm local time (0542 GMT) on Thursday and it has a shallow depth of about 3km,” a NDRRA official said in an online update.

“The magnitude 9.5 earthquake hit at 11am in Tacloban, in Luzon province, on Thursday.

Both earthquakes were centered in the area of Taclobo, but the magnitude 9 quake was about 1km away from the one in Taclo.” 

Taclobans disaster management team said it had taken control of the Tacluban disaster area.

“This was done because the situation is getting worse and we need to get back to our normal life,” Taclobarans disaster mitigation team leader Jose Ramon said.

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