All-new dormitory in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, a city with a history of dormitories, has announced plans to expand its number of dorms to more than 1,200 by 2020.

Dubbed the International Campus, the new facility will offer students a number of services including an online library, an office space, gymnasiums, and a full-size gym.

The new facility, which will be known as the International Dormitory, will be open from July to December, and will be housed in the building previously known as The Hall, a former warehouse and dormitory which opened in 1878.

It was originally built as a warehouse for the Australian government and became Australia’s largest public house when it opened in 1870.

Sydney University says that it plans to house the new building in the new Hall of Australia, a new structure that will be the largest building in Sydney and Australia’s second-largest city after Sydney.

The building will feature three levels, each of which will offer classrooms, a gymnasia, a library, and offices.

Students will be able to visit the building’s first floor in a lounge area, and access the new facilities via a glass staircase from the second floor.

The second floor will feature a lounge and classrooms, as well as a rooftop gym.

There will be a new dining room and a new kitchen in the basement, while a new recreation room will open in the corner of the hall.

The main dining room will have a full bar and an outdoor terrace.

The terrace will be equipped with an outdoor kitchen, dining room, and lounge.

The building is expected to open in 2021, and the building will have access to the city’s two main swimming pools.

The University of Sydney says that students will be free to use the facilities at any time, and that students can register online through the new dormitory website, so they can make their booking early.

According to Sydney University, the International campus will be Australia’s first building with a dedicated, open-plan space, with plans to add a second floor in 2021.

The university says that the facility will be “designed to be a permanent home for students from the university.”

It will include a new outdoor lounge, gym, library, gymroom, and office.

The University of New South Wales also plans to build an international dormitory near the university, and it has plans to open its own campus next year.

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