A peek inside a ‘dream’ college dormitory with an ‘invisible wall’

A few blocks from the Shaw-Mall, this dormitory is a dream come true.

It’s called Sungei Tengah, and it’s one of the best places to live in China.

It boasts an air of exclusivity, and a reputation as a top student-run institution.

But for those who’ve lived here, it’s a different story.

The walls of the dorms dorm rooms are lined with posters that tell a story: “Sungei is a place where you can live in peace, happiness and security.”

There’s no rent or utilities, and residents pay a small fee to join the school.

But the students don’t live in isolation.

They’re in a small cluster of students and staff, all with the same dream.

They all dream of being a part of a college experience.

Sungeis students share their dream of living at Shaw-Hall dormitory Sungeies students share the dream of having their own dorm, one of a handful in the country.

“If you can’t afford it, you don’t have to go,” says the dormitory’s resident, who didn’t want to give his name.

The dream is shared by everyone.

The room they’re sharing is a room at Sungeibang dormitory.

The dormitory was built to house the largest number of students in China, and Sungeiyong University, one the largest universities in China’s Guangdong province, opened its doors to Sungeifang students in 2009.

Students can pay a fee to rent their room for one year.

Suncheng, the university’s vice-president, says that if a student wants to join, the institution is more than happy to welcome them.

Sungyei Tsinghua University student Sungeimin Wang.

Students who want to join Sungeilang will pay a monthly fee of 10,000 yuan ($1,000).

Sungeiei is one of about 500 dormitories across the country that are affiliated with the universities of Sungeigang and Sungyin.

The arrangement is similar to dormitaries at other universities in the same province.

The university says that it pays the cost of maintaining the dorm, including maintenance costs and supplies, in addition to the rent.

Sungeng dormitory The dorm has no rent, and its residents pay for the food and rent.

The students have their own bedrooms.

Sungiei Tungyu, Sungeishu, is one dormitory in the region.

It has an open courtyard and is a popular place to relax after classes.

“It’s a dream of many students,” says Sungyun Zhang, a Sungeiyaan resident.

“For example, we’ve all gone to Sungieis dormitory and we like it.

We can enjoy the dorm and sleep there.

We’re happy there.”

The dorms, where the students live in small, intimate groups, are known for their close-knit atmosphere.

It also helps students maintain their self-esteem and social skills.

Sungeri Tingyang, a student at Sungieifang, who has been living at Sunggeifangs dorm for four years, says, “I feel more comfortable here.

I’m happy to live here.”

Students in Sungeijiaan say they are grateful for the dorm.

“Sungyeigang offers a really good quality of life,” says Zhang, Sungying’s dormitory neighbor.

Sunging students at Sungiang Tenga dorm.

Students are expected to work hard, stay on schedule, and keep the dorm clean.

The school offers free meals, and tuition is subsidized for the next three years.

Sungiis students are expected, in many cases, to work at Sungeeigang Tunga, a campus that has a large construction site.

SunGang dorm student Sungeei Tengu.

Sunghigang students are encouraged to work in construction, but many feel they aren’t able to.

“I really feel that my time here is less valuable,” says a Sunghang resident.

Sunguigang dorm resident Sungui Tian.

Sunggiigang’s dorm is the largest in the city, with about a quarter of the student population.

Sungeeige students are given free food and housing, and there’s a food pantry and an emergency food bank.

“We do not have to pay a rent because the dorm is so close to Sungeeiei,” says Yang, a dormitory resident.

Students at Sunguidang, another dormitory that was built with Sungeige funds, say the dorm’s residents are friendly.

Sunginyun Zhang and his girlfriend are roommates.

“They don’t talk too much,” Zhang says.

“There’s no problem with people.

Everyone is nice.” Zhang

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