A new way of life for university students

Students from the University of Haramaya in the Dominican Republic have been experimenting with a new way to live.

The dormitory is set to open next month with the aim of offering students the opportunity to live in a more communitarian way, including more time for family.

The idea is inspired by the new global economic and social changes, which are impacting the lives of many students, and are creating a need for a more communal and peaceful life, as well as a way to get around the daily grind of university. 

The dormitory was designed by architect Santiago Carranza, and the interior has been made from reclaimed materials such as bamboo, recycled water pipes and recycled metal from a mobile phone.

Students will be able to live off campus, with no electricity or running water, which will allow for greater personal freedom, with an open-plan kitchen with a full range of cooking supplies and utensils.

The dormitories new look is inspired in part by the idea of an island city, with the dormitory in the center of the island, and with its own library, art gallery, library, library and restaurant.

The student community will have a space to come together and to explore together, with a communal lounge and a community space.

Carranzo says the project will have an impact on the students’ lives.

“They have to be conscious of the social and economic changes they face, and I think they will benefit from the dormitory in the way that they have chosen to live here,” he said.

A university professor, Carranzas dormitory has two floors, with two bedrooms.

“The dorm is a space where students can develop their individuality and create their own lives,” said Carranzos professor.

He hopes that by introducing the idea, students will learn to live differently.

“When they see the dorm in this new way, it is a new model of living,” he added.

The students plan to live a more ‘creative’ lifestyle than the traditional dorms, with workshops, playgroups, dance classes, music concerts, and even a cinema and outdoor cafe.

It’s not the first dorm to be designed by a university professor.

In 2016, the university dorm in Chile was built by architect Ricardo Guillén.

It has a communal living room, gym, library with a video screen, a rooftop pool and a terrace, and a pool table and chairs.